A5X Studio Monitor - Single

68.00€  339.00€
Model: 100391

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  • Nearfield studio monitor with sophisticated design
  • Equipped with ADAM's proprietary X-ART tweeter
  • 5.5-inch bass driver guarantees robust mid to low end output
  • 1.5-inch voice coil creates rich high end clarity
  • Stereolink feature is ideal for desktop DAWs
  • Lightweight and compact design, fits into any studio setup
  • Favoured by professionals working in television studios, remote broadcast vans, home studios, and perfect for multimedia applications

The AX series monitors from Adam are renowned for their excellent price to performance ratio. Ideal for smaller professional or home studios, the A5X monitor is sure to give you a faithful and dynamic representation of your mix.

The AX series include some of the top of the line features from the SX series. To this effects, the A5X includes chamfered upper corners on the sturdy cabinet fronts to minimize edge diffraction. This means that you can say goodbye to phase cancellation.

To keep internal resonance to near absolute zero, the A5X comes with an internal fleece. This also makes for a much more solid bass reflex response and tuning. This also ensures that the signal coming from the carbon fibre and glass fibre woven woofer sounds as clear as possible.

To compliment the responsive woofer, Adam have included an X-ART tweeter. These remarkable tweeters are built in Berlin and are based on a slim, pleated foil that work as the tweeter's diaphragm. Just like the woofer, this tweeter is incredibly precise and capable of superb sonic detail at any volume level.

The power within

The Adam A5X employs 2 methods of amplification to give you the best sound possible for mastering. A class A/B amplifier drives the X-ART tweeter whilst the mid and low frequencies are handled by a powerful and highly efficient pulse-width modulated amp that does not require bulky heat sync's.

Efficient, powerful and responsive, the Adam A5X is proof that you can squeeze high end specification into a modest price bracket. Time to take your monitor capability a big step up, with the Adam A5X.