iTrack Dock Studio Pack

39.00€  149.00€
Model: 104156

  • Recording Dock for iPad with microphone, heaphones, and an XLR cable
  • Dock made for connection with lightning equipped iPads
  • Fitted with two powerful Focusrite pre-amps
  • Record music in full 24-bit, 96kHz resolution for dazzling audio quality
  • Fuss-free Direct recording and monitoring to your iPad
  • Connect and power a MIDI controller of your choice
  • Compatible with any core audio app including Garageband, Auria, Cubasis and more
  • Includes Tape by Focusrite app for iPad offering classic style recording with contemporary functionality

The new iTrack Dock Studio Pack provides you with everything you need to start easily recording the signature Focusrite sound on your lightning-compatible iPad device. The iTrack Studio Pack contains the exceptional Focusrite iTrack Dock fitted with two award winning microphone preamps, a large diaphragm condenser microphone, professional quality closed-back headphones, and a high quality XLR cable; all brought together in one pack for one low price.

Capturing your performance has never been easier, or sounded so good, with the help of the new iTrack Studio Pack. Your performance is captured in stunning 24-bit quaity audio with sample rates of up to 96kHz, simply dock your iPad, connect the headphones and microphone, plug in your instruments, and get jamming in your favourite apps! The iTrack Dock is capable of recording your guitar, bass, microphone, keyboard, MIDI controller, or any other MIDI device immediately, just load up your favourite CoreAudio app including; Garage Band, Auria, Cubasis, or more, or even take advantage of Focusrite's easy-to-use Tape app.

Focusrite have fitted two of their most awesome microphone preamps with respective mic inputs to give you the best possible experience. There's two line inputs and an instrument DI, allowing you to easily connect your favourite instruments and get creating. You can easily monitor your sound to thanks to the stereo monitor outputs, alternatively, you can connect up the provided headphones within the studio pack for a more fine-tuned session.

The iTrack Dock even charges your iPad device when you're in the zone, so there's no longer the fear of your iPad running out of battery mid-way through your epic new creation. And with the consistent recording quality, you can guarantee that wherever you start recording, be it at home or on tour, you'll always get the very best quality for your recordings.

The iTrack Dock is an Apple-compliant audio docking interface with Apple-certified "Made for iPad" status. Compliant with any Lightning iPad - iPad 4th Generation, iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini with retina display - iTrack Dock's sleek, modular design allows you to slide the Lightning connector up and down to accommodate any sized iPad.