Aston Origin Cardioid Condenser Microphone

50.00€  249.00€
Model: 109593

  • Totally unique microphone with wave-form mesh head shock absorbing design
  • Built in mesh-knit pop filter to block out unwanted boom
  • Built in microphone mount for direct to stand mounting
  • Cardioid polar pattern for recording close sources
  • Incredibly durable 2mm, solid stainless steel, laser-cut chassis
  • Hi-spec components developed by professional artists
  • Full 20Hz to 20kHz audible spectrum pickup capability
  • Low-cut 80Hz filter to eliminate any sub-bass rumble
  • Eco-friendly, well-designed, re-usable and recyclable packaging

For capturing vocals and instruments in amazing clarity, look no further than the Aston Origin Cardioid Condenser Microphone. This unique microphone contains hi-spec components designed by some of the worlds leading engineers to ensure that you can capture your desired audio source whilst keeping to a budget. Let's see what the Aston Origin can do for you...

Totally unique mesh head

Vibration can be very destructive when it comes to recording vocals and instruments, slight movements of the capsule can make a very large difference when it comes to mastering. The Aston Origin comes with a shock resistant wave-form mesh head design that keeps your capsule protected and offers off-axis rejection, helping to eliminate unwanted artefacts from your recordings so right from the start, you only get the audio you want.

Behind the mesh design, the Origin's second layer consists of a mesh-knit pop filter. This randomly weaved design means that sound can pass with ease but unwanted plosives are stopped in their tracks. It's also able to shield the capsule from electromagnetic radiation making it an interference-free dream to use around large amounts of electronic equipment. The weave will never rust and can also be removed and washed so that you also maintain hygiene.

Unique mounting solution

Because the Origin has moulded end-caps, the XLR connection and stand mount is totally integrated. The included thread adaptor means you can mount the microphone directly to a stand without the need for expensive shock absorbers thanks to the built in mesh technology. The rest of the chassis of the Origin is individually tumbled for up to 4 hours to give it a very hard-wearing finish and then separately hand-engraved with the brand mantra "The art of performance".

Heart and soul

With all of this outer protection and highly crafted work, you would expect that the internal workings of the Origin are just as impressive, and you won't be disappointed. Each of the internal components of the Origin have been crafted by world-class audio engineers to give you that "Aston Sound" that the company pride themselves on. Each stage of construction is conducted with double, blind listening tests and through a process of elimination, the PCB and capsule that you will get in the Origin is truly at the top of its game.

The Aston Origin Cardioid Condenser Microphone gives you absolutely everything you need for the best recording capability, and nothing you don't - right down to the re-usable, eco-friendly packaging. To capture acoustic instruments and vocals in their purest form, this microphone is guaranteed to exceed expectations.