Aira Torcido EFX Distortion Module

39.00€  149.00€
Model: 106151

  • Classic Roland distortion sound
  • CV/Gate parameter control including distortion amount, tone and tube warmth
  • Tabletop unit or 21 HP Eurorack module using AC adapter or Eurorack power
  • 24-bit GRF knobs with over 16 million steps of resolution
  • Re-programmable via Mac, PC, iOS, Android application
  • 15 patchable submodules, expandable with free updates
  • 2 inputs and 2 outputs with dual-mono or stereo capability
  • AIRA Link compatible
  • 24bit/96kHz audio interface
  • Includes adaptor and braided patch cables

For those that want vintage warm overdrive right through to skull splitting distortion, the Roland Aira Torcido EFX Module gives you the capability to add a whole array of classic distortion sounds. Tube warmth, low-end boost, amount, tone and bypass are all easily accessed via the clearly labeled intuitive top panel.

Stereo power

The Aira Torcido has connectivity for 2 inputs and 2 outputs meaning you can also run it in stereo if required. A built in 24bit/96kHz audio interface for Eurorack systems and AIRA Link USB compatibility gives the Torcido single-cable, plug and play connectivity with the Roland Aira MX-1 Mix Performer.

Dismantle and rebuild

The Roland Aira Torcido gives you crushing audio power out of the box, but you may want to change the signal path more to your liking. You can do this with the PC and Mac compatible custom app by re-patching its array of virtual sub-modules.

You can even do this via the Android and iOS apps using an intuitive drag and drop interface. This means you can choose which parameters are assigned to the high-resolution "GRF" knobs.

All this can be done in real time too for on the fly performance and should you wish to share your audio signal, you can do so with other Torcido users, or simply store your setting for later use.

Future proof expansion

The Aira Torcido includes a total of 15 virtual sub-modules but as time marches on, this will be expanded making this an evolving unit that will grow with you and your music.

To date the sub modules include LFO, ADSR, noise, sample and hold, ring mod, filter, tone, amp, gate and many more. Whatever your set-up, be it in the studio or on stage, the Roland Aira Torcido EFX Module will present you with an easy way to integrate some classic distortion into your mix.