Spirit Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones

46.00€  229.00€
Model: 107001

  • Professional headphones designed by the masterful French studio monitor manufacturers
  • Designed to meet the expectations and requirements of recording studios, home studios, and broadcasting studios
  • Memory foam cushions around the ear for supreme comfort
  • Frequency response from 5Hz to 22kHz to cover the full audible spectrum
  • Total control whether recording on-location or in the studio
  • Includes 4m spiral cable, 1.4m straight cable with remote and microphone, and 3.5/6.35mm gold-plated jack connector

The Focal Spirit Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones offer comfort alongside brilliant audio delivery, as we'd expect from the French studio monitor manufacturers. The memory foam cups foam a snug fit around your ears, isolating you from outside noise and interference for optimal response. Whether you're looking for a reliable alternative when performing mixdowns in the studio, capturing on-location recordings where isolation from your surrounding environment is paramount, or simply going about your day-to-day business, these headphones are the perfect choice for the discerning audiophile.

Headphones in action

The headphones respond with a crisp sensitivity that thanks to its low impedance and generous 102dB sound pressure level at 1kHz, which means that it doesn't take much to drive these beauties to achieve the utmost clarity when listening to audio. The Focal Spirit Pros boast a frequency response of between 5Hz ~ 22kHz, which means that everything from rumbling sub bass to searing highs is represented cleanly. Therefore, when you are mixing down a complete arrangement, it is much simpler to focus on specific elements and instruments in the mix.

As previously noted, the headphones are designed to cover the ear completely ¨C using the beautifully applied memory foam cushions to create a snug fit. The headphones are supplied with a 4m detachable spiral cable, a 1.4m detachable straight cable (with built-in remote control) and a 3.5/6.35mm gold plated jack connector. The 1.4m straight cable is designed for when you're on the move, with a built-in remote and microphone that allows you to take calls with your smartphone, etc.

The Focal Spirit Professional Closed-Back Studio Headphones are perfect for home use and professional use. Focal have poured their expertise from building high-end studio monitors into this pair of headphones, and at this price they are an absolute steal.