HDJ-1500 K DJ Headphones - Black

39.00€  159.00€
Model: 96903

  • Fully-enclosed, dynamic professional DJ headphones
  • 50mm dome-type driver units deliver a massive 5Hz-30kHz frequency response
  • Exclusive soundproofing chamber is specially designed to isolate your audio effectively for greater accuracy
  • Comfortable design with urethane memory foam ear pads that are great for long stints in the booth
  • Ultra portable foldaway design offers protection from damage
  • Includes 1.2 metre coiled cord that stretches to 3 metres, 1 metre straight cord, gold-plated screw-in 6.3 mm 3P plug adaptor
  • Can be used for DJ work, mixing and recording or personal audio

It's safe to say that one of the most vital and important parts of a DJ set up is your headphones. You need to be able to clearly hear your mix, and be ready for those tricky changes, cues, and audio loops.

Power with comfort

The Pioneer HDJ-1500 K is a professional set of headphones in every way. Offering great sound, sleek looks and a portable design that's comfortable to wear, this set could be just what many DJs are looking for. Even if you're not in the DJ business, the Pioneer HDJ-1500 K Headphones are great for all area's of music, whether you're just an avid listner, or you're a guitarist or bassist that loves to practice by night.

Clear and responsive

Giving you excellent sound isolation and overall sound quality, Pioneer HDJ-1500 K headphones have tremendously clear response, especially down at the low end of the frequency spectrum. The comfortable shape and specially chosen materials used allow for prolonged wearing, especially important during longer sets.

These DJ headphones even fold down into a compact shape for easier transportation. Easily stored in your bag and with replaceable parts to ensure use well in to the future, the Pioneer HDJ-1500 K headphones are a great choice for the performing DJ.