Aira VT-3 Voice Transformer

39.00€  179.00€
Model: 102122

  • Aggressive voice transformation with real-time pitch and format changer
  • Footswitch control for live performance
  • XLR standard combo jack with phantom power and 1/8 inch powered mic jack
  • Loads of lo-fi character
  • USB bus powered
  • Part of the Aira Range

As part of Roland's new Aira range, the VT-3 Voice Transformer is here to give you the aggressive edge on live vocal manipulation. Processed vocals are common in electronic recordings of today but the ability to reproduce these magnificent vocal sounds has always been a challenge in a live situation.. until now.

Not just for massive robot voices... although they are cool, the Roland VT-3 has the power to completely change your voice into synthesizers, synth basses, hard-tuned and lo-fi vocals and more, making you into a singing synthesizer. But the VT-3 has the ability to be subtle and much more musical, giving you access to with built-in reverb, smooth Wet/Dry fader control and instant bypass.

Creativity on the fly

Built for eye popping speed in a live situation the Roland VT-3 is designed to be played rather than programmed. The unit is as solid as a rock and sports brightly lit controls and pure green LEDs making it very simple to use even on dark smoky stages. All controls are fluid and you wont find any popping, clicking or latency here, even when switching presets or changing voice characters. The VT-3 also weighs less than 700 grams making it as portable as you can get.

More on those sounds

Overall, you have 9 types of voice characters to choose between including distinct auto-pitch correction, glitch and scatter effects for meltdown vocal effects, lo-fi megaphone and radio settings, dedicated robot style voices and juicy synths. The Roland VT-3 will have the power to transform your performance like nothing else.

Other features of the Roland VT-3 include the ability to use a footswitch for seamless control, phantom power, stereo outputs that can also be configured as separate mono tracks with independent wet/dry channels and USB audio interface with loopback recording to overdub vocals on existing tracks! Ideal for live work but equally capable in the studio, the Roland VT-3 will add new dimensions to your vocal work.