Crossfade M-100 Headphones

42.00€  209.00€
Model: C204162

  • Award-winning headphones that are revered the world over
  • Specially designed for the mobile device enthusiast
  • Shareplay cable allows a second headset to be attached without an adaptor
  • Built-in hidden microphone optimised for calls and voice recognition
  • Passive noise isolation keeps external volumes to a minimum
  • Dual-diaphragm 50mm driver ensures balanced consistency across frequencies
  • Vegan leather strap upholds ethical manufacturing ethos
  • Includes tough Exoskeleton carry case and two Kevlar reinforced cables
  • V-MODA's reputation in the headphone world is one of reverence. Consistently winning awards for outstanding design and sound quality V-MODA never cease to amaze on any release. The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones specifically designed for mobile phone and smart device enthusiasts bring advanced isolation and a Kevlar reinforced cable capable of sending a second signal to another pair of headphones without an adaptor. Forget the world around you on any journey and enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard.

    Resilient design with comfort

    The Crossfade M-100 headphones are built to be lightweight yet practically indestructible. The STEELFLEX headband with vegan leather steel frame can be adjusted to suit your desired fit, guaranteeing immaculate performance with comfort at the fore. The headphones are tested beyond military-level quality, right down to the durable cable/plug which can bend over 1 million times.

    As if that wasn't enough, the headphones hold up well with regard to high and low temperatures, humidity, salt spray, and UV exposure. You can rest assured that wherever you wear these beauties, they can more easily hold their own. The memory foam ear cushions act as the perfect noise isolators, whilst ensuring a snug and supportive hold.

    Built-in mic

    The Crossfade M-100 headphones feature a built-in hidden microphone that has been tuned and optimised for making phone calls and utilising voice recognition technology. For the gamers, an optional boom can be purchased to turn the M-100's into the ultimate gaming headset.

    The V-MODA Crossfade M-100 headphones are unlike any headphones you have experienced before. Each one is supplied with a hardwearing Exoskeleton carry case, and carabiner clip to attach to whatever you wish. As well as this, there are 2 kevlar reinforced cables (Speakeasy for mic use and shareplay to split audio), 2 V-CORKS to mix two sources at the same time or daisy chain headphones with your friends.