Alpha 65 Active Studio Monitor (Single)

56.00€  279.00€
Model: 103186

  • Award-winning premium quality active studio monitor
  • 105-watt speaker (70-watt/6.5-inch woofer + 35-watt/1-inch tweeter)
  • Low directivity keeps the same sound throughout the room
  • Superb damping quality and rigidity with no distortion
  • Identical tonal balance at low and high volumes
  • Low and high frequency shelving controls to adjust the audio to your environment
  • Connect up to 2 audio sources for minimal wiring
  • Optimal acoustic integration for any studio

Focal Alpha 65 Active Studio Monitors offer everything you need for your near-field mixing needs. Being incredibly compact, the Focal Alpha 65 Active Studio Monitors are perfect for the more compact studio and confined spaces. The 2-way monitors cover a vast range of frequencies and utilises two separate amps for the woofer and tweeter to make sure the signal that's delivered is uncompromised and remains true to your mix.

The Alpha 65 model contains a 6.5" woofer that delivers smooth bass and punchy mid. The polyglass cone is loaded in a large laminar port. The aluminium inverted dome tweeter works in harmony with the woofer delivering a total frequency range of 40Hz up to 22kHz.

Separate class AB amplification means the woofer has a dedicated 70 Watts of power whilst the tweeter has 35 Watts of power. This delivers a clean audio experience that will deliver an identical tonal balance be it at high or low volume.

The Focal Alpha 65 Active Studio Monitors are designed to deliver exceptional power without clocking up electricity bills thanks to its low power consumption technology. Further to this, the Focal Alpha 65 Active Studio Monitors will automatically switch to standby mode should no signal be played after 30 minutes which will eradicate the need to manually switch off when leaving the studio.

Connections and controls

On the rear of the Focal Alpha 65 Active Studio Monitors you have the options to connect balanced and unbalanced sound sources simultaneously. A switch gives you an extra +6dB of sensitivity. A power switch with standby indicator is present just above the LF and HF shelving control knobs.

Clean and clever, these compact powered monitors will deliver a pure and very powerful tone that will give you a faithful representation of your mix, whatever your listening environment.