DR100 MKII Portable Digital Recorder

49.00€  245.00€
Model: 65722

  • Stereo cardioid and omni-condenser mics with built-in speaker
  • MP3 and WAVE file recording and playback
  • XLR mic inputs with phantom power for powering condenser microphone when recording vocals or acoustic instruments
  • 3.5mm Line inputs and outputs allows you to connect external hardware with ease
  • Runs on Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery or AA Batteries, so that you have the ultimate portable recorder
  • Optional PS-P520 AC power adapter

The rugged Tascam DR100 MKII Portable Digital Recorder enables you to capture high-end recordings, wherever and whenever the moment takes you. Whether you're a musician, sound recordist, sound artist, acoustic engineer - pretty much anyone who demands the utmost clarity from audio recordings -, the DR100 certainly exceeds expectations.

Inside this rugged and reliable little beauty you'll find four built-in microphones - two cardioid and two omnidirectional microphones. The DR100 MKII has built-in analogue limiting and filtering to prevent unwanted clipping or distortion, perfect for capturing great-sounding recordings without constantly monitoring levels. If you have a pair of microphones that your favour, then the dual XLR mic inputs with built-in phantom power, enable you to connect them without any fuss.

The DR-100 MKII includes a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, but can also be powered by AA batteries or an optional AC adapter. A built-in speaker allows for instant playback, and the metal enclosure includes a tripod mounting hole for recording flexibility so that you can get on with other tasks simultaneously. A wireless remote control is also included for remotely starting the recording, so you can set up the DR100, keep your distance and get recording.

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, the Tascam DR100 Portable Digital Recorder is the perfect tool to capture your sound recordings on the move.