STC1S Matched Pair Cardoid Condenser Microphones

52.00€  259.00€
Model: 53642

  • Laboratory-matched pair of small diaphragm, cardioid condenser microphones that produce professional quality recordings
  • Perfect for recording soloists, ensembles and even orchestras
  • Built-in pad switch allows you to record high-energy sound sources with minimum fuss
  • Built-in low and high frequency filters for easier signal control
  • Presented in velvet-lined, wooden case
  • Includes mounting stand, mic clips and windshield

The Sontronics' STC-1 cardioid pencil microphone is a versatile, powerful and fantastically built recording tool for both amateurs and professionals. Now you can buy this awesome microphone in a stereo pair as the STC-1S. This arrangement furthers your recording capabilities greatly, allowing you to easily capture a true stereo image of a sound source, giving your mixes even greater depth.

The laboratory-matched pair of STC-1 cardioid microphones is ideally suited to stereophonic recording, whether you're capturing a four-piece band or a full symphony orchestra. Simply use the included mounting bar and mic clips to your stand, and position them exactly where you want.

Each STC-1 has a built-in variable filter (0, 75 and 150Hz), which allows you to manually cut out low-end rumble or high-end sharpness. These controls can be particularly effective when you're moving between recording specific instruments, e.g. drums, vocal ensemble, orchestra. Each mic also has an individual pad switch (0, -10 and -20dB) that allows you to attenuate the incoming signal so that it doesn't become overloaded or distorted. Again, this is particularly useful for recording different sound sources so that high-energy signals can be readily tempered.

The STC-1S is presented in a luxurious wooden case, which is lined in velvet to offer a beautiful and cushioned bed for your microphones when not in use. Sontronics also provide you with mounting clips, windshields and a stereo mounting bar so that as soon as they arrive, you're ready to get recording. Should anything go wrong, both mics are even covered under Sontronics' lifetime warranty.

Sontronics have extended the possibilities of the STC-1 by creating Omni and Hypercardioid capsules, which can be bought separately if you wish to boost your recording options.

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, recording a soloist or a full orchestra, the gorgeously designed and incredibly powerful STC-1S stereo pair by Sontronics offers the perfect solution.