Electronics X1 Condenser Microphone

39.00€  109.00€
Model: 87997

  • Excellent for home and professional studio recording applications
  • Hand-built, gold-sputtered large diaphragm captures sounds with amazing clarity
  • Up to 125dB maximum SPL allows you to record a wide range of instruments without distortion
  • Smooth, linear frequency response that responds beautifully to a wide range of instruments
  • Excellent for recording acoustic and percussive instruments
  • 10dB pad and low-cut bass filter for easy manual control over your sound source

The SE Electronics X1 Condenser Microphone is one of the most popular microphones SE Electronics have ever produced, due to its impressive versatility and incredible recording quality across a wide range of instruments. The pack has everything you need to get recording quickly and with minimum fuss.

SE Electronics do not believe in compromising on quality and this is evident right down to the heart of the X1. The large-diaphragm, gold-sputtered capsule is hand-built by skilled technicians in their very own factory. The rugged and ready design features a fixed-cardioid capsule, with FET (Field Effect Transistor) transformerless electronics with a 10dB pad and low-cut bass filter. The grille is made out of toughened steel to give you total reassurance when handling the mic. The new rubberised black paint has been carefully applied to give a supportive feel in the hand, whilst lending itself well to during recordings due its noise damping abilities, which help to minimise any resonant frequencies in the microphone.

The large-diaphragm design makes the X1 a fantastic vocal mic, thanks to its linear frequency response. The timbre of both male and female singers is captured beautifully, allowing an appropriate amount of headroom in the upper frequency range to give a sweetly rounded quality. The X1 brings out the unique character of acoustic instruments - e.g. acoustic guitars - offering a subtle high-end sparkle, gentle mid-range warmth and low end with lots of depth.

The max SPL of 140dB will put you at ease when recording directly in front of amplifiers and percussion instruments. Whether pointed directly at the source, offset or distance miked, you can rest assured that the X1 will perform exquisitely every time.

Whether you're an amateur or a professional, the SE X1 is a truly awesome microphone that captures the subtle nuances vocals and acoustic instruments exquisitely. If you want a no-nonsense microphone that gets the job done, then this is definitely the microphone you're looking for.