CM30 Cube Portable Mixing Monitor

50.00€  249.00€
Model: 53529

  • 30-watt monitor designed to hit the studio and the stage with
  • 6.5 inch coaxial, 2-way speaker with stereo preamp
  • Multiple channels - one XLR for mic/line and two additional Aux inputs
  • Stereo Link function for stereo connection between two CM-30s - offering a total of up to 8 stereo inputs, and two mono mic/line inputs
  • Convenient front-mounted control panel with two-band EQ
  • Incredibly portable with an easy to grip carry handle
  • Tough Roland Cube design with metal grill cover and corner protectors
  • Great for those who need a multi-functional amp that never fails

The Roland CM30 Active Studio Monitor is a 30 watt powered monitor speaker with lots of input flexibilty. Use it on stage with an XLR input, or with a keyboard using the stereo jack input... Use it in the studio for full range monitoring while you mix, use it however you like, the Roland CM30 is great for a multitude of things. The Roland CM30 Active Studio Monitor is the go to speaker for many musicians and demonstrators all over the world because it is just so simple, and so flexible. This is the

The multiple input channel of the Roland CM30 Active Monitor fuses well with the tough, road ready Roland Cube design, that means this speaker will take a lot more abuse then the standard monitors available for studio use, which is great, no matter how careful you are with your equipment. This increases the portability significantly and means you can keep a couple in the boot of your car, for example, so you are ready for any occasion where you need to amplify music, an instrument or to do a mix in a project studio. Take them with you and get it done quickly and easily. Hassle free.