VE-5 Vocal Processor - White

39.00€  179.00€
Model: 95646

  • Powerful and compact vocal processor with effects and looper
  • Easy one-touch operation - perfect during performances
  • Six types of vocal effect for versatile stylistic options
  • Phrase Looper to create an ensemble effect when performing solo
  • Favourite Sound – saved your most used sounds to 1 of 3 buttons
  • Includes mic-stand mount for hands-free operation
  • Internal microphone captures vocal performance faithfully
  • Battery operation (4 AAs included)

Compact and powerful the Boss VE-5 Vocal Processor offers effects and a Looper that no vocalist should be without. Small and light the unit is supremely portable, and easily attachable to a mic stand with the included mount. With battery operation (power supply available separately), it can be used outdoors as well as a tabletop processor for the studio. Taking its versatility even further some of the Boss VE5 Vocal Processor's functions are footswitch controllable!

With over 30 advanced presets readily available, there's something for everyone: from singers, rappers, beatboxers and webcasters, to anyone who just wants to have some fun.

Simple Operation

The Boss VE5 Vocal Processor gives you intuitive operation that makes it easy for beginners but involved enough to entice professionals. There's even three Favourite Sound buttons that allow you to store sounds you access regularly with the push of a button.

Presets and Effects

Taking its leave from the immensely powerful VE-20 the Boss VE-5 Processor sets out its stall with six types of effect and various special effects. Reverb and Delay can enhance vocals and Dynamics can be used to control levels. Correct intonation on the fly with Pitch Correct and beef up your voice with the Double/Harmonizer. For extra impact and unique effects use Distortion, Radio, or Strobe.

Phrase Looper

Rounding off the Boss VE-5-WH Vocal Processor nicely is the inclusion of a Phrase Looper. Allowing you to layer loops, this addition allows you to create harmonies with yourself in real time or rap over some of your own beatboxing, or any other way you can think to use this massively creative, not to mention fun, tool.