ZMX 122FX ZEPHYR Compact Mixer

39.00€  119.00€
Model: 91559

  • 8-channel compact mixer with a range of effects
  • Sixteen total inputs with four mic inputs with switchable phantom power
  • 3-Band EQ on each channel to mould and shape each signal
  • Built-in Alesis FX with 256 variations
  • 1/4 inch Outputs for both Main and Control Room
  • Wide dynamic range with high headroom to prevent unwanted clipping
  • Two aux sends per channel for external effects and monitoring
  • Two stereo input channels with balanced TRS jacks

If you're looking for a small scale mixer perfect for live use, the Alto ZMX122FX will most probably fit the bill. The Alto ZMX 122 FX Zephyr Compact Mixer is an affordable and highly portable mixer, providing an 8-channel, 2-bus layout with plenty of routing options and a built-in FX section. The Alto ZMX 122FX Compact Mixer will hopefully suit your every need.

Four XLR inputs let you connect microphones of varying types to this mixer while two balanced stereo inputs let you connect even more gear, you can connect anything from keyboards, drum machines, and practically anything else with a line signal. These features help you to create a superb live performance or some innovative studio work.

The Alto ZMX 122FX also features an Aux port, which can give you a multitude of different options in your performances. It's compatible with and MP3 Player, CD Player, or any other audio device such as your phone or tablet. The AUX sends allow you to send audio straight from your mixer to a digital effects unit, stage monitor, TV screen, or any other audio sources, which gives the Alto ZMX 122FX Zephyr amazing versatility at any venue, anywhere in the world.

Each of the channels features a 3 band EQ section and the possibility to add 24-bit effects, designed in conjunction with Alesis. With high headroom and low noise a priority in the design of this product, you can be sure it's a reliable and high quality piece of gear ideal for your set up.