F7 Monitor Speaker

51.00€  255.00€
Model: 97738

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  • Single compact near field monitor with a 7-inch woofer that delivers a generous low-end energy
  • Newly designed ART tweeter offers exceptional high-end clarity
  • Two EQs and a volume control to shape the output
  • 44Hz to 50kHz frequency range with smooth linear response
  • Adjustable input sensitivity from -8 to +6 dB
  • XLR and RCA connectivity offers versatility
  • 40 watts RMS power provides ample power in the studio
  • Includes Adam's 2 year warranty

Bringing the legendary Adam sound to the masses, the new Adam F7 Monitor Speakers are designed to appeal to the entry-level market, but with a level of quality of sound that belies their low price.

The Adam F7 Monitor Speakers provide the same dimensions and a similar sound to one of Adam's most popular models, the A7X, but at a price that makes it even more affordable without compromising on the quality that makes Adam speakers great. The Adam F7 speakers feature the tweeter design that's intrinsic to the popularity of Adam monitors, the ART (Accelerating Ribbon Technology). This newly designed version of the tweeter offers exceptionally detailed, clear high frequencies.

Working seamlessly with the tweeter is the Adam F7 Monitor Speaker's 7" mid-woofer. Constructed from carbon and paper and a 37mm voice coil, the woofer provides a well-rounded sound with excellent quality from the deep registers through to the all-important mid-range.

The Adam F7 Monitor Speakers give you complete control over the sound they produce with a set of onboard controls situated at the rear of the monitor speaker. The two EQs allow you to alter high (>5kHz) and low (<300Hz) frequencies, while an additional control knob allows you to control volume (-∞ to +6dB).