E604 Dynamic Microphone

39.00€  119.00€
Model: 98535

  • Dynamic microphone with cardioid pickup pattern captures the sound source directly whilst reducing background noise
  • Rugged reinforced glass-fibre body guarantees durability
  • Low sensitivity to impact and handles noise well to ensure a signal is captured with the utmost clarity
  • Very high sound-pressure handling capabilities, making it perfect for high energy sounds sources such as drums and other percussive instruments
  • Low distortion microphone, again making it perfect for a wide range of close miking applications
  • Hum compensating coil ensures that signal integrity is preserved
  • Integral stand mount that allows you to clamp the mic to intruments

The Sennheiser E604 Compact Dynamic Microphone is the ideal solution for instruments requiring close mic'ing techniques such as drums and brass instruments. These mic's are ideal for low-visibility, close mic'ing techniques and the optimised cardioid pickup pattern is optimised for drums and percussion but also produces exceptional results when using with brass and woodwind instruments too. Whether you use the Sennheiser E604 for live performances, or important studio work, you won't be disappointed, the E604 Compact Microphone is the ideal companion for all your recording needs.

The tough reinforced glass fibre body can handle all the knocks and shocks that you may throw at the E604 whilst suppressing any impact noise. You can be sure to have a faithful, balanced and clear sound thanks to Sennheiser's ability to produce high sound pressure handling mic's such as the E604. A massive frequency range from 40Hz to 18kHz ensures that all of your power and expression is captured.

The Sennheiser E604 Compact Dynamic Microphone has an integral stand mount and also comes complete with a drum clip so you can easily position the microphone, and begin using it right out of the box. For full and rich sound reproduction in a small yet incredibly package then the Sennheiser E604 is the microphone for you.