Beta 57A Microphone

39.00€  125.00€
Model: 99681

  • Dynamic instrument mic with a uniform supercardioid pattern
  • Tailored frequency response is suited to capturing studio quality recordings of drums, guitars, vocals, and horns
  • Hardened steel mesh grille facilitates the use of proximity effect, as well as standing up to the rigours of life on the road and in the studio
  • Neodymium magnet for high signal¨Cto¨Cnoise ratio output, equipping the microphone with the ability to resist feedback in demanding environments
  • Advanced pneumatic shock mount system minimises transmision of mechanical noise and vibration
  • Includes a mic stand adaptor, a 5/8-inch to 3/8-inch adaptor, and a storage bag

The Shure Beta 57A is an ideal microphone for any musician looking to mic up an acoustic or amplified musical instrument such as acoustic guitars, brass, guitar amps, drums and bass, whether you're looking to record your sound, or bring the house down at your shows. The Shure Beta 57A has Shure's legendary build quality and reliability as standard so you can be certain that this mic can live up to a life on the road without any compromise on quality.

The tailored frequency response ensures a stunning warmth and presence to the microphone, whilst the supercardioid polar pattern is extremely effective at picking up everything you want to whilst keeping background noise to an absolute minimum. The hardened shell of the capsule facilitates use of proximity effect, adding more bass when the mic is closer to the sound source whilst acting as resistance against wear and abuse - no matter how hard you use it, the Shure Beta 57A will keep on giving.

Shure is one of the worlds leading manufacturers in microphone technology, and they have been producing top quality microphones for decades, the Shure Beta 57A Microphone is testimony to this, top quality for the studio, hard enough to survive for a life on the road, and available at a price that will happily suit your budget.