M-M3-8 Three-Way Studio Monitor - Single

54.00€  269.00€
Model: 102306

  • 220-watt, three-way active monitor speaker optimises signal output for greater accuracy
  • Kevlar 5-inch mid driver, 8-inch low-frequency driver, and 1-inch silk dome tweeter handles lows, mids, and highs respectively
  • Tri-amp class A/B design for optimised signal response
  • Inline mid and high frequency drivers to provide compact form without sacrificing on driver response
  • 3-band EQ with bypass to attenuate the speaker to suit your environment
  • Real wood baffle aids in optimising internal bracing

The M-Audio M3-8 delivers excellent, active 3-way monitoring in a stylish cabinet at an affordable price. Three-way speaker designs add a separate driver for mid-range frequencies to the more typical woofer and tweeter featured on a two-way speaker. Here on the M3-8, the mid and high frequency drivers are constructed in a concentric, in-line design. This has the dual effect of making the cabinet more compact, but crucially, providing superior imaging.

Both the 8" low-frequency driver and 5" mid-frequency driver are made from woven Kevlar. This results in a very stiff construction, which ensures that audio is reduced accurately, with the distorting that can occur with cones made of less stiff materials. The tweeter is a classic, 1" silk dome design that reproduces high frequencies in detail, with smooth, open tonal character.

These three drivers are tri-amped. This means that each has its own separate amplifier. The advantage of this arrangement is greater definition, imaging and accuracy. The low frequency driver is powered by a 150 W amp, with mid and high frequency drivers powered by separate 35 W amps.

To the rear, balanced XLR and TRS jack inputs and an unbalanced RCA input ensures that, no matter what you intend to connect the speaker to, there is most likely an appropriate connection. A master volume control is fitted, along with 3-band EQ controls, with a low cut switch and an EQ bypass switch. In rooms with questionable acoustics, the EQ can prove to be incredibly useful, but when not requires, the bypass provides the purest, possible signal.

The combination of three separate drivers with individual, dedicated amplifiers provides superb, accurate audio reproduction with wide frequency response and dynamics. Plus, unlike many monitors, M-Audio has packaged these in a cabinet with a stunning, real-wood baffle.

With excellent audio reproduction, great aesthetics and an unprecedented low price for a three-way monitor, the M-Audio M3-8 is likely to be welcome in any studio.