STC-3X Pack - Black

48.00€  239.68€
Model: 102843

  • Large-diaphragm condenser microphone with 3 selectable polar patterns: omni, cardioid, figure-8 makes this a highly versatile mic
  • 3-stage filter (linear, 75Hz, 150Hz) and 3-stage pad (0dB, -10dB, -20dB) for instant access control
  • Ideal for capturing vocals, spoken word, piano, acoustic guitar, and other acoustic instruments
  • Includes: spider-style shockmount, pop shield, 5-metre XLR cable, zip-up microphone pouch, and free Toontrack's EZMix 2 Lite download
  • Covered by Limited Lifetime warranty when you register with Sontronics

The Sontronics STC-3X Pack is ideal if you want professional-quality recording at home or in the studio, without having to find all the accessories you'll need and swapping mics when recording different sources. The STC-3X has it all.

Included in the pack is:

  • Sontronics STC-3X multi-pattern condenser microphone
  • Spider-style shockmount (with spare elastics)
  • Professional-quality, nylon-mesh pop shield
  • 5-metre female-to-male XLR cable
  • Vinyl, leather-look, zip-up microphone pouch

The only things missing are a computer, an interface and something to record.

The Sontronics STC-3X Condenser Microphone itself is a time and money-saver with it's multi-pattern functionality giving you the three most commonly used polar patterns in the one mic: cardioid, omni-directional, and figure-of-eight. Just flick the switch at the rear of the mic to make your selection.

The Sontronics STC 3X ensures recording versatility with a dual one-inch, gold-sputtered diaphragm housed in a large, open grille, and filter and pad controls giving you liner, 75Hz, 150Hz and 0dB, -10dB, -20dB options respectively.

The flexibility of recording offered by the Sontronics STC-3X really is exceptional, as it performs well in many situations be it male or female vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, percussion and other acoustic instruments or spoken word. The omni-directional mode makes it perfect for room, overhead, and ensemble recording, while the figure-of-eight mode gives you fantastic capturing of stringed instruments, as well as being useful for stereo micing.