Sonotronics HALO Dynamic Microphone

39.00€  149.00€
Model: 102844

  • Dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern based on the popular STC-80
  • Cardioid polar pattern microphone focuses on sound source and reduces background noise effectively
  • Superb when used with electric and acoustic guitar amps and cabinets
  • Captures all the presence of your instruments without touching EQ
  • Spring-mounted capsule within circular frame to offer protection against vibrations and rumbling
  • Vintage-inspired design provides a visually stunning display
  • Includes Sontronics' lifetime warranty

Stand out from the crowd with the all new Sonotronics Halo Dynamic Microphone. The Sonotronics Halo is an inspiring piece of kit that will accurately recreate all frequencies from your amps, giving perfectly rich tones every time, whatever the situation or enviroment. Not only does the Sonotronics Halo sound phenomenal, it looks phenomenal too!

Striking, yet angelic-looking, this dynamic microphone has been specifically designed for capturing the sounds of your guitar amps and cabinets. The dynamic capsule of the Sonotronics Halo is steadily suspended on four spring mounts within a heavy-duty circular frame, that ensures protection of the microphone from vibrations or rumble that may occur in the studio, or on stage.

The Sonotronics Halo is based on the ever popular Sonotronics STC-80 Microphone, a handheld dynamic microphone that not only provided stunning vocal results, but also worked particularly well with guitar amplifiers in capturing both live and studio performances. Because of the STC-80's popularity, Sonotronics incorporated the STC-80's capsule and enhanced and calibrated it to capture the exact frequencies of guitar amplifiers and cabs, resulting in perfect crunch, bite and presence without needing to fiddle with your EQ. With the expertise of the STC-80, and the great new features, the Sonotronics Halo Microphone is the next big thing in capturing studio and live performances.