Electronics SE2200A IIC Multi Pattern Microphone

46.00€  229.00€
Model: 109580

  • Multi-pattern, phantom powered condenser microphone for professional quality recording
  • Hand-crafted, gold sputtered diaphragm for precise capture
  • Custom black rubber paint finish has unique noise damping properties
  • Lightweight yet solid design can be used for live as well as studio recording
  • 135dB maximum sound pressure level makes it suitable for a wide range of recording applications
  • Includes a custom shockmount and chassis

The incredibly popular SE2200A IIC MP multi-pattern microphone carries on the legacy laid out by its sibling the SE2200, SE Electronics' best-selling model since its introduction in the year 2000.

The exquisitely designed and careful handcrafted 1" gold sputtered "back-to-back" diaphragm allows multiple polar patterns to not only be accessed, but also completely mastered. On offer are Cardioid, Figure of 8 and Omni directional patterns. The outer casing and capsule is built to the considerably high-standards we've come to expect from SE, with a rugged and strong metal frame. The microphone is finished in SE's new custom black paint, which has been designed and applied due to its exceptional noise-damping characteristics, as well as giving it a reassuring feel in the hand.

Versatile and simple to use

The SE2200A IIC is perfect if you're looking for a versatile microphone that is very simple to work with. It is powered via phantom power and connects easily to any interface or desk using a standard XLR cable. Setting up is a doddle, thanks to the lightweight design; at 586g, the SE2200A IIC is unlikely to pose any problems with most microphone stands.

The three recessed mini-toggle switches on the mic body allow you to set the polar pattern (Cardioid, Figure of 8 and Omni), engage the low-cut filter, and select from a choice of three pad positions (0db, -10dB and -20dB). This puts a tremendous amount of control in your hands before you even get to the mixing desk or DAW.

Pure signal

Not only does this microphone make your recording experience far easier and smoother with regard to capturing vocals and other instruments, but also the natural quality of those recordings makes them much easier to mix and work with. This is because of the SE2200A II's fantastic ability to eliminate unwanted distortion or colouration from the signal.

As an example of the kind of quality that can be achieved using this mic, the SE2200A can boast about its extensive use throughout the lead vocal recordings on Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' album.

If you're a producer, artist or engineer who is looking for a solid, reliable, versatile, accurate and articulate multi-pattern microphone, the SE Electronics SE2200A IIC is an absolute must have. It is built to last, captures the natural timbre of the instrument perfectly and looks pretty cool too.