STC-1 Cardioid Condenser Pencil Microphone

39.00€  110.00€
Model: 100616

  • Cardioid condenser pencil microphone
  • Smooth, flat frequency response from 25Hz - 20kHz
  • Exceptionally versatile mic that is up to handling many different tasks effortlessly, allowing you to get more done with less
  • Excellent for recording a wide range of acoustic instruments including: guitars, strings, piano, and even sitar
  • High SPL handling makes it excellent for recording drum overheads and close miking amplifiers
  • Includes mic clip, wind shield and Sontronics' lifetime warranty

The Sontronics STC-1 cardioid condenser instrument microphone is a superb recording tool for both amateurs and professionals. Built to an exceptionally high standard of quality, it is a reliable and resilient mic that can be utilised both in the studio and on-location, to successfully capture true representations of a wide range of instruments.

Features along the body of the microphone give you quick access to an attenuation (pad) switch to select -10/-20dB, which is excellent for preventing overload or distortion when dealing with high-pressure sound sources. There is also a filter switch with a low cut of 75Hz to receive unwanted rumble and 150Hz filter - great for retaining definition and clarity when recording certain instruments such as guitars.

Don't let the size fool you, within the STC-1 is a gold-sputtered cardioid capsule, which is gives this mic it's exquisite linear frequency response, allowing it to retain the unique timbre of acoustic instruments such as guitars and violins. The STC-1 handles the scale and range produced by an acoustic piano perfectly. You can even use this beauty to capture a room's ambience for background audio tracks for video editing.

The high SPL handling ability of the mic makes it a fantastic choice when recording drum overheads and guitar amps. The narrow field of the STC-1 makes it a useful microphone to use when you're looking to recording an instrument in a live setting, as it is less likely to pick up unwanted sound sources.

Every effort has been made to deliver a truly outstanding recording tool, from the internal components to the luxury wooden case and steadfast mounting clip. You will receive a foam wind sleeve, so that if you're in an area with any turbulence, it will not interfere with your signal feed. Sontronics even offer a lifetime warranty for the STC-1.

The versatility of the STC-1 can be extended, thanks to the optional STC-OMNI and STC-HYPER capsules that can be bought to adapt the polar response of this already awesome microphone.