Electronics SE2200a II-C Cardioid Single Pattern Microphone

39.00€  179.00€
Model: 53951

  • Single-pattern, phantom powered condenser microphone
  • Hand-crafted, gold sputtered diaphragm for precision signal pickup
  • Custom black rubber paint finish has unique noise damping properties
  • Lightweight yet solid design with guaranteed durability
  • 135dB maximum sound pressure level makes it suitable for a wide range of recording applications
  • Pad switch and low-frequency roll-off for recording high sound pressure levels
  • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response to capture the full audible spectrum
  • Compatible with any phantom powered enabled desk or pre-amp

The new SE2200a II cardioid from the fantastic team over at SE Electronics, replaces the incredibly popular and multi-award winning SE2200a large-diaphragm condenser mic. In the process they've only gone and improved upon an already legendary mic.

Modern and durable design

The new design still features the same custom, exquisitely handcrafted 1" gold-sputtered diaphragm that has been a customary feature of the SE2200a since it first hit the market back in the year 2000. The diaphragm gives this beauty its truly unique smooth, linear frequency response that lends itself so well to both vocal and instrument recordings. So you can rest assured that the mic design that upheld the role of capturing the main vocal takes on Amy Winehouse's classic 'Back to Black' is still present and accounted for.

The outer casing and capsule is built to the considerably high-standards we've come to expect from SE, with a rugged and strong metal frame. The microphone is finished in SE's new custom black paint, which has been designed and applied due to its exceptional noise-damping characteristics, as well as giving it a reassuring feel in the hand.

Ideal for recording any sound source

Along the front of the SE2200a II-C are two quick access controls: a 10dB pad switch and a low cut bass filter. The pad switch is incredibly useful if you're looking to use the mic to record higher energy sound sources and wish to significantly reduce unwanted signal overload or distortion. The low cut bass filter allows you to cut out undesirable low frequency rumble from the signal. Not only does this microphone make your recording experience far easier and smoother with regard to capturing vocals and other instruments, but also the natural quality of those recordings makes them much easier to mix and work with. This is because of its fantastic ability to eliminate unwanted distortion or colouration at the source.

If you're a producer, artist or engineer who is looking for a solid, reliable, versatile, accurate and articulate microphone, the SE Electronics SE2200A II-C is an absolute must have. It is built to last, captures the natural timbre of the instrument perfectly and looks pretty cool too.