DR-22WL Portable Digital Recorder With Wi-Fi

39.00€  149.00€
Model: 104323

  • Two studio-quality condenser microphones in true XY pattern
  • Upgradeable memory up to 128GB using microSD card
  • Battery life up to 17.5 hours for recording anytime, anywhere
  • Scene Dial with 8 presets for quick recording applications
  • Lightweight, portable and incredibly powerful
  • Captures at 44.1/48/96kHz with 16/24-bit bit rate
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and iOS or Android app for remote recording
  • Includes 4GB microSD card, USB cable, 2 AA batteriies, Owner's Manual (including Tascam warranty)

The Tascam DR-22WL Portable Digital Recorder with Wi-Fi is the first of its kind to include Wi-Fi for transport control, file transfer, and audio streaming to a smartphone or PC.

A set of stereo condenser microphones are arranged in a true XY pattern to enable superb stereo imaging, giving superb audio recording results across a range of recording formats, and sampling frequencies. Mounted in acoustically tuned housings, the mic capsules are built to withstand up to 120dB SPL without distorting - making the DR-22WL a fantastic tool for those gathering sound effects.

The internal mic preamp, programmable gain amplifier, and A/D converter work independently to ensure a low noise performance runs at an optimal level, no matter how intensely you put the recorder through its paces. The premium-quality CIRRUS LOGIC CS42L52 codec is utilised in the DR-22WL, with the responsibility of overseeing the AD - DA conversion performance of both built-in mics, and external inputs to guarantee fantastic audio performance and low power us for improved battery life.

Easy to use Scene Dial and Large LCD

To optimise the DR-22WL for capturing audio quickly, an 8-position rotating Scene Dial has presets for a range of applications including: EZ, Loud, Music, Instrument, Interview, Manual, DUB, and Play.

EZ sets an automatic recording level, and 40Hz low-cut filter, enabling new users to capture audio quickly and cleanly. Loud is tailored for loud events such as rehearsals and concerts, setting the peak reduction, pre-record, and 40Hz low-cut filter. Music is optimised for live acoustic, classical or other unamplified musical instruments. Instrument is tailored towards capturing the timbre of individual instruments. As you might expect, Interview us suited to capturing voiceovers, lectures and can capture in mono to extend battery life and recording time. Manual allows you to set finer recording settings, a must for those with experience. Dub allows overdubbing for songwriters who're recording song ideas, and want to record over their previous take. The Play function allows playback speed adjustment, which is great for practise and transcription.

The 128 x 128 LCD display gives ready access to a wealth of real-time information including: meter levels, settings, playback time, etc. Icons at the bottom of the display indicate which functions apply to each of the keys below the display panel. Used in conjunction with the superbly designed Scene Dial, every setting in accessible in a direct manner, saving time trawling through menus, and allowing you to get on with the task at hand.

Going Wireless

The DR-22WL is able to sync effortlessly with your iOS or Android phone using a free app called DR Control, which enables remote control operation without having to tough the unit itself - perfect if you're a drummer who wants to distance mic their kit and making adjustments, without having to constantly get up and walk to the unit each time. Wi-Fi transmission range is up to 65 feet (20), giving you incredible freedom to move away from the unit without losing control.

You can also connect with smartphones and other Wi-Fi devices directly, negating the need for a Wi-Fi router network or other external devices. Simply input the information shown in the DR Control app, and you're good to go. Should you lose Wi-Fi connection recording will still continue, ensuring you won't lose any precious information.

Having built their reputation on building high-quality audio recording equipment, you can rest assured that the Tascam DR-22WL portable digital recorder with Wi-Fi is an exceptional piece of gear. Whether you're just capturing ideas in the rehearsal room, recording sound effects to transfer into your DAW at a later time, the portability of the unit is matched by the superb quality of the recordings it can capture. Powered by batteries (up to 17.5 hours worth of life when recording with the built-in mics) and with memory capacity upgradeable to a whopping 128GB, you will have a long way to go before running out of juice/space.