Eyeball Portable Studio Booth

39.00€  189.00€
Model: 107073

  • Portable recording booth capability for large diaphragm condenser microphones
  • Constructed using high-density foam and acoustic-grade absorptive wool
  • Eliminate unwanted ambient noise, pop and phase anomalies
  • Isolation and channeling in a simple portable unit
  • Fits microphones 3.8cm to 7cm in diameter
  • Integrated pop shield
  • Ideal for cardioid patterns but will accommodate all polar patterns
  • Get purer recordings for better post-production capabilities
  • Please note: Stand, cradle and microphone not included

With more and more demand on engineers to create vocal sounds that excite, inspire and innovate, the challenge is on to capture the best from your vocalist at source. Sometimes, a perfect acoustically treated room is not available, sometimes you may need to record in multiple venues and other times you may end up in a recording space that may be considered an acoustic nightmare. The Kaotica Eyeball Portable Studio Booth is here to eliminate any acoustic obstacles and give you the perfect recording every time.

The power of isolation

The unique feature of the Kaotica Eyeball is its ability to totally isolate and channel the sound of your vocalist directly to a microphone of your choice. By greatly reducing the reflections of your recording environment and practically eliminating any unwanted ambient noise, you get a completely pure vocal signal to work with making your production possibilities vastly greater.

On the front of the Kaotica Eyeball, you will find a fitted pop filter that can accommodate most large diaphragm condenser microphones (3.8cm to 7cm in diameter). it is recommended that you do use a cardioid pattern condenser microphone but the Eyeball will also work incredibly well with other polar patterns.

The best spectrum

Due to the incredible engineering of the eyeball, you are guaranteed an even frequency spread across your vocal with no 'dead zones'. Structure born vibration, bleed and phase anomalies are eliminated and every drop of your vocalists passion will be captured unblemished for you to work with. The Kaotica Eyeball employs powerful high-density foam and acoustic-grade absorptive wool that guarantee quality and durability along with unique style.

Innovative with instantly impressive results, the Kaotica Eyeball Portable Studio Booth is a vocalists companion and a producers secret weapon, your ears will simply not believe the power of the eyeball!