DT100 Studio Headphones 400 Ohm - Black

39.00€  129.00€
Model: 106762

  • Worldwide standard closed back headphones
  • 400 ohms, high sensitivity ¨C perfect for recording vocals
  • Circumaural ear pads for excellent isolation
  • Wide frequency response to cover all audible frequencies
  • Reliable and hard wearing design for years of quality usage
  • Thick padded headband for luxurious comfort
  • Single-sided, detachable cable to keep out of your way
  • All parts are replaceable, a set that could last a lifetime
  • Made by one of the most recognised names in the recording industry

Known worldwide as an industry-standard for monitoring, ENG/EFP and live-applications, the Beyerdynamic DT100 Studio Headphones come in two flavours: 16 ¦¸, and this version; 400 ¦¸. Although they are so widely used and respected for their clarity of audio referencing, they also come in at a price that belies the level of quality on offer here. What could be more appealing than the golden combination of high-quality AND value?

Beyerdynamic DT100s are a professional audio staple in studios around the world due to their excellent isolation, comfortable earpieces and accurate representation.

- - Future Music Magazine

400 Ohms

With such a high impedance rating, the Beyerdynamic DT100 Studio Headphones (400 Ohms) offer incredibly-detailed audio referencing. While this, along with their closed back design, can affect the amount of bass response you get from these cans, they excel far beyond others in the mid and mid-high ranges, making them perfect when monitoring vocals. The level of accuracy provided here goes far beyond what you would expect in this price bracket, providing ¡®warts and all' accuracy.

The high impedance of the 400 Ohms Beyerdynamic DT100 Studio Headphones also means that they can be quiet to listen to but this won't be a problem in the studio environment they are designed for. If you do want extra volume, a headphone preamp, which are a part of most decent mixers and powered audio interfaces will help out here, without affecting audio quality.

Additionally this impedance rating ensures the headphones are at a lower risk of blowing out, meaning you can safely hook up multiple similar headsets to the same source.

Comfortable Isolation

With their circumaural design, the headphones are crafted to give you excellent isolation from ambient sounds, keeping you focussed on your music. Understanding that quality sound production takes time, the Beyerdynamic DT100 Studio Headphones (400 ¦¸) offer incredible comfort to ensure listener fatigue is a kept to an absolute minimum.

A soft, cushioned headband can be adjusted to provide a nice fit for your noggin, and similarly-designed soft, cushioned ear pieces apply minimal pressure to the ears (an average of 4.5 N of pressure to be a little more precise), along with adding an extra layer of isolation.

The Last Pair of Headphones You'll Buy

Designed to be reliable, the Beyerdynamic DT100 400 Ohm Studio Headphones will be with you for years. Furthermore ever element of the headphones is replaceable, so if one part eventually fails you can swap out just that part rather than buy a whole new pair.