Mackie MR6 Mk3 Monitor - Single

39.00€  129.00€
Model: 106759

  • Precision near field studio monitors
  • Class A/B amplifiers with 50 watts of continuous power
  • HF and LF acoustic controls for room correction
  • Balanced XLR, TRS and unbalanced RCA inputs
  • Waveguide loaded 1-inch silk dome tweeter
  • Minimum-diffraction moulded baffle for smooth, wide sweet zone
  • Magnetically shielded for safe placement near computer monitors
  • Precisely tuned for working interchangeably with other MR units

Created for modern mixing the Mackie MR6 Mk3 Monitor delivers music-centric voicing designed to faithfully produce the full-range of your music without blemish or exaggeration. A wide sweet-spot means less strain on your ears and a much more enjoyable mixing session without fatigue.

Solid baffle

The baffle plays a very important role in how sound travels. Mackie's baffle is precisely moulded to minimize diffraction, so sound waves radiate smoothly, and are dispersed optimally. The result is a crystal clear image of your mix, with an ultra-wide, even sweet spot. Whether you're in mix position or not, on axis or off, you'll always hear an accurate representation of your mix.

Amplifier Design

Amplifiers are the power behind a monitor's sound, but they can also colour it which can result in an uneven mix. Unlike with passive monitors, Mackie's amplifiers are identically matched to the monitor design. Featuring Mackie's proven Class A/B architecture, the MR6 Mk3 Monitor amplifier is meticulously tuned to deliver ultra-flat frequency response, so the sound remains neutral.

To compensate for room characteristics, acoustic controls allow you to adjust High Frequency and Low Frequency settings (+2dB and +4dB). Balanced inputs allow you to get the best signal possible, but the option of unbalanced inputs mean you can connect easily to any music source.

Premium quality cabinet

A monitor's cabinet is more than just an enclosure, it's another component that can drastically change the overall quality and character of the sound. Mackie's cabinet features a rear port, carefully tuned to deliver superior bass performance with no audible vent noise.

Because air passes through the precisely engineered curved port easily, there is no distortion, and no build-up of pressure within the cabinet that could affect driver movement. The rigidity of the cabinet's precision-braced MDF construction also prevents excess vibration, meaning your sound is always free from unwanted resonance.

Mackie MR6 Mk3 studio monitor is ideal for a variety of applications. Use the Mackie MR6 Mk3 to empower your mixes in the studio, or to add pro sound to your multimedia, gaming or home theatre system. You can even use them for a great-sounding home DJ rig, truly versatile.