Egg 100 Monitor System

98.00€  699.00€
Model: C106810

  • Premium analog monitors with unique monocoque shell construction
  • Near zero diffraction interference providing a smooth frequency response
  • Perfect bass port integration
  • Free standing control unit and integrated amplification with 3m matched speaker cables
  • Precision trim pots for bass and high frequency calibration
  • Designed to deliver the highest quality sound with the absolute minimum of colouration

A slightly less-powerful version of their bigger brothers (Egg 150's), the MunroSonic Egg 100 Monitor System makes for an ideal monitor in smaller spaces. The passion from the team at MunroSonic has been received very well by the music industry's most respected names.

Innovation and refinement has propelled the capability of these monitors to new heights and now they are ready to work hard for your near field personal monitoring requirements.

Pure, honest signal

The MunroSonic Egg 100 Monitor System is a fully integrated monitor system whereby the amp and speakers are perfectly balanced however, to give you the most from the speakers, the amp has been built into a separate unit. This new take on active monitoring means that there is absolutely no diffraction or internal resonance which can distort and smear the original signal. This results in a clarity not yet heard from a monitor and small details are brought into focus without being intrusive.

Improved chassis

The Egg 100 Monitor system employs a crafted, curved enclosure that works in perfect symmetry with the drivers and perfect bass port integration to deliver incredibly crisp natural high frequencies and tighter, punchier lows without exaggerating any particular frequencies. MunroSonic have also made improvements with exceptionally crafted chassis metal-work and a redefined mid-EQ section based on feedback from some of the world's top producers and engineers.

Separate control unit

The separate amplification system delivers a perfect bi-amplified power, matched to the egg drive units and gives you total control over source inputs, active analogue crossovers, LF and HF trim pot EQ (for location set-up), and a re-defined, three-position, mid-band control switch to emulate the mid-range of home speaker systems. The Egg 100 Monitor system also comes with its own purpose built cable system too to ensure total balance.

The combination of a separate amplification unit and zero diffraction gives a transparency of sound that will immediately make your mixes feel more complete and balanced allowing you to work more effectively and without fatigue.

The MunroSonic Egg 100 Monitor System is ideal for all engineers that need precision monitoring in smaller studio's, a shining example of innovation through audio.