Electronics Gemini II Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

98.00€  999.00€
Model: 106736

  • Large diaphragm condenser microphone with dual valve design
  • Offers best of both worlds - warm tube sound with 'solid-state' clarity
  • Power by dedicated power supply (included)
  • Perfect for a wide range of recording applications across vocals and acoustic instruments
  • -10dB pad attenuation for recording high pressure sound sources, e.g. percussion
  • Specially designed shock mount for maximum control
  • Includes flight case, shock mount, power supply unit, and wooden case

The SE Electronics Gemini II Cardioid Tube Microphone boasts a dual valve design that allows it to capture audio with the warmth and clarity offered by classic valve microphones, whilst retaining a versatility that allows it to be used not as a vocal mic, but an instruments microphone too. Whether you're recording strings, guitars and other plucked instruments, woodwind, vocals, and even percussive instruments (thanks to the highly useful -10dB pad button), the Gemini II produces professional quality results every time.

I am incredibly impressed by the seemingly contradictory combination of warmth, crispness and definition that was captured in the tracks by the sE Gemini and Reflexion Filter Pro...the songs we were working on had dense arrangements yet the sax cut through without ever sounding abrasive or disconnected from the rest of the track...it was a beautiful, natural sound -- we didn't even use any EQ.

- Don Was, Producer/Engineer (Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, The Rolling Stones, Willie Nelson)

Dual valve design

At the heart of the Gemini II is a pairing that consists of the 12AX7 input valve, and a 12AU7 on the output stage, which allows the mic to capture a large yet detailed and intimate image. The mic offers ample presence across the lower frequency range without high frequency roll-off, so that none of the sparkling brilliance across the high-end is lost, affording the Gemini II the best of both worlds.

Durable sE Electronics' build quality

As we've come to expect from the team at SE Electronics, the microphone is built like a tank and more than comfortable at handling any task thrown its way - even in the most demanding of commercial studios. Each microphone is supplied in a wooden presentation box, with a custom shock mount and robust power supply, which all comes in a secure flight case so that no matter where you need to be, your Gemini II is safe to take with you.