Electronics X1 R Ribbon Microphone

39.00€  129.00€
Model: 96816

  • Premium quality ribbon microphone ideal for multiple recording purposes
  • Excellent for home and professional studio recording applications
  • Vintage-modern hybrid with rugged features for life on the road
  • 20Hz to 16kHz pickup range for full bodied recording
  • Hand-tensioned aluminium ribbon
  • Figure 8 pickup pattern ideal for voice, instruments and amp cabinets
  • No power required, phantom protected
  • Includes a mic clip for use with any standard microphone stand

Mixing the power of vintage and modern qualities, the SE Electronics X1 R Ribbon Microphone is a road-tough ribbon mic with a figure of 8 pickup pattern that can be used for everything from spoken broadcasts to orchestral ensemble capture, guitar amps and more! This is one smooth performer that will deliver the vintage tones of yesteryear without the vulnerability of older microphones.

Had tensioned ribbon

The generating element of the X1 R comes in the form of a hand-tensioned 2.5¦Ìm aluminium ribbon. This provides the inherent smoothness that you would associate with ribbon mics of the past. The advantage here over older microphones is that the X1 R's design is incredibly durable - make no mistake, the X1 R is a microphone you can take anywhere.

another advantage of the modern build of the X1 R Ribbon Microphone is the fact that it can handle large sound pressure levels making it an excellent contender for use with drums and guitar cabinets whilst capturing everything with incredible precision.

Figure of 8

The excellent top-grade Neodymium magnets help to deliver an accurate figure of 8 pickup field with a subtle high-frequency lift, this is a feature that's borrowed from the top of the range patented Voodo ribbon microphone and ensures that your guitar cabs, overhead drums, brass, woodwind, strings, commercial broadcast and voice-overs sparkle with life without sounding artificial in any way.

The SE Electronics X1 R Ribbon Microphone delivers the best of vintage and modern, classic, articulate tone with a rock solid chassis so that you can finally get that classical tone without the worry of durability, brought to you by one of the best names in the business.