Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter

39.00€  129.00€
Model: 109637

  • The ultimate isolator for getting the best sound from your amp
  • Four layer acoustic-grade wool with air gaps for excellent isolation
  • Acts as a double mic stand to use combinations of your favourite mic's
  • Ideal for studio and stage use
  • Integrated pass-thru hole with rubber grip for hand-held mic's
  • Flat stand for easy close up positioning
  • Ideal for amps, outside kick drums, hi-hat, snare, vocal and more
  • Please note: Image for illustration purposes only, there are no microphones included

Guitar cabinets can be hard to amplify or record using microphones without loosing some of their characteristics. The SE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter is one effective solution to guarantee you get your desired tone without blemish on the stage or in the studio.

With four-zone acoustic protection, mounting for 2 microphones and a flat sturdy base for easy positioning, this is one serious recording and amplification tool you'll wonder how you lived without.

Eliminate Stage Bleed

On stage the GuitaRF Reflexion Filter is an excellent tool to keep other audio sources from tarnishing your signal. Not only do you get that perfect amped sound but you'll also make instant friends with your audio engineer for making their life much easier.

Not only is the SE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter excellent for guitarists but it can also be used with kick-drums, snare, hi-hat, as a way to double mic vocals and much more.

Four layer protection, double mic capability

The thick acoustic wool and foam lining resides behind a reflective compound surface which shields a top-down microphone holder and a front-loading tension holder allowing you to use any combination of microphones to get the perfect mix.

Finally, the SE Electronics GuitaRF Reflexion Filter all rests upon a solid, flat stand which can easily be slipped underneath your amp or drum to get up close and personal for perfect positioning.