Aston Spirit Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone

70.00€  349.00€
Model: 110321

  • Premium microphone with omni, cardioid and figure of eight pattern switching
  • Built in mesh-knit pop filter to block out unwanted boom
  • Unique mesh-head design and metal weave to eliminate vibration and plosives
  • Incredibly durable 2mm, solid stainless steel, laser-cut chassis
  • Hi-spec components developed by professional artists
  • Full 20Hz to 20kHz audible spectrum pickup capability
  • Low-cut 80Hz filter to eliminate any sub-bass rumble
  • Eco-friendly, well-designed, re-usable and recyclable packaging

Aston is a name you can associate with innovation and quality when it comes to microphones. Developed by some of the worlds leading audio engineers from all over the world through painstaking tests, the Aston Spirit Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone is nothing short of astonishing. The Spirit builds on the core qualities of the Origin microphone and adds the ability to switch polar patterns and also switch between -20 and -10dB pad levels when required.

Specially developed mesh

Vibration is a nuisance when it comes to recording vocals and instruments, slight movements of the capsule can make a very large difference when it comes to mastering. The Aston Spirit comes with a built in shock resistant wave-form mesh head that keeps your capsule protected and offers off-axis rejection, helping to eliminate unwanted artefacts from your recordings so you can capture just the audio you need with minimal interference.

Behind the mesh design, the Spirit's second layer consists of a mesh-knit pop filter. This randomly weaved design means that sound can pass with ease but unwanted plosives are stopped in their tracks. It's also able to shield the capsule from electromagnetic radiation making it an interference-free dream to use around large amounts of electronic equipment. The weave will never rust and can also be removed and washed so that you also maintain hygiene.

Simple, efficient mounting

Because the Spirit has moulded end-caps, the XLR connection and stand mount is totally integrated. The included thread adaptor means you can mount the microphone directly to a stand without the need for expensive shock absorbers thanks to the built in mesh technology. The rest of the chassis of the Spirit is individually tumbled for up to 4 hours to give it a very hard-wearing finish and then separately hand-engraved with the brand mantra "The art of performance".

One mic to rule them all

The Spirit comes with the ability to switch between polar patterns, specifically omni, cardioid and figure of eight. This is ideal when it comes to recording a complex array of vocals and instruments where experimentation may be required to get the best from your audio source and environment. To further compliment this Spirit also has the ability to switch between -20, -10 and 0dB padding. This is particularly useful when recording louder sources such as percussion or brass instruments to give you more headroom when mixing.

Every aspect of the Aston Spirit Multi Pattern Condenser Microphone has been crafted with absolute precision, right down to the re-usable, environmentally friendly packaging. The Spirit is certain to to capture anything you wish to record with immersive detail and honesty - for a truly great recording experience, this is the microphone you need.