SPD::One WAV Pad

50.00€  249.00€
Model: 113177

  • Electronic WAV sample pad with 4 gigabyte sample memory
  • Trigger sample loops and mix in your own monitor mix and click track
  • Simple, performance friendly control system, ideal for live work
  • Can be played with sticks, hands or feet
  • USB MIDI and storage connectivity, works with your existing rig
  • Can be powered from mains and batteries for use anywhere
  • Master audio out and headphone output for when silent practice is required
  • Drag and drop WAV data from your Mac or PC via USB
  • The ultimate in simple sample and backing track triggering
  • Free 3 year warranty when registered with Roland

The new Roland SPD::One WAV Pad is a robust, compact and simple digital instrument that can add endless possibilities to your performances. A huge 4GB memory with up to 360 minutes of CD quality audio can all be transported with you for one-shot, loop or full backing track triggering. Drummers, DJ's, guitarists, keyboard players or anyone needing a simple to operate sample instrument will benefit from the SPD::One WAV Pad.

Connect and import

The SPD::One WAV comes with a USB port for the import of WAV files from your Mac or PC. Samples of any size including full audio tracks can be imported via drag and drop so no technical know-how is required. Samples can then be triggered in a variety different ways using a host of playback options, including polyphonic, monophonic, or alternate.

Intelligent click-track

In order to stay in time with your imported backing track, you'll need a click track, and the SPD::ONE WAV pad has you covered. Imported audio click tracks that you create in your DAW to accompany your backing track will play simultaneously. The backing track can only be heard via the main and headphones outputs and the click can be automatically routed to the headphones only for stage monitoring. A simple control lets you work out the balance and should you need to kill all audio half way through a track there's a handy button for that too.

Never been easier

The Roland SPD::One WAV Pad was designed with simplicity in mind from the intuitive controls to the pad that can be played via hands, sticks or feet, never before has it been so simple to trigger and play along with your personal audio.