X Air XR18 Digital Mixer

98.00€  592.00€
Model: 204429

  • 18-input 12-bus digital mixer for studio and live application with iPad and Android remote control capability
  • 6 award-winning Midas-designed, fully programmable mic preamps for audiophile sound quality
  • Built-In Tri-Mode Wifi router for direct operation to avoid needing any other routers
  • Award-winning X32 effects rack featuring 4 stereo FX slots including high-end simulations
  • 40-Bit floating-point DSP features unlimited dynamic range with no internal overload and near-zero latency
  • Free iOS, Android and PC, Mac and Linux apps available for remote operation
  • Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio and low power consumption
  • 100-band Real Time Analyser for all channel and bus EQ's to aid mixing
  • Includes Behringers 3-year warranty

The freedom to mix remotely gives you control over your sound like never before, add to that the ability to digitally store your settings for next time you play at the same venue and you're onto a real time-saver. The Behringer X Air XR18 18-channel/12-bus digital mixer does all of this and more with the use of the free apps for iOS and Android, a whole suite of high-end replica effects, built in USB, WAN and LAN connectivity and much more. For studio or stage the Behringer X Air XR18 Digital Mixer is a total powerhouse.

The Ultimate Microphone Preamps

Behringer teamed up with Midas, a company well know for its innovational audio technology since the 1970s. The Midas designed Pre's are considered by industry experts as the industry's best sounding designs and as such have won many awards - with the X Air XR18 you're getting 16 of these incredible preamps built in for your vocals and instruments.

Imagine then that you can take all of this incredible audio input and use a single USB cable to record everything direct to hard disk. The XR18 makes this possible thanks to the fast and comprehensive 18 x 18 channel, bi-directional USB interface, perfect for any DAW recording.

Built-In Tri-Mode Wifi

There's no need to rely on a venue having its own Wifi to use the XR18 through remote thanks to the integrated Tri-Mode Wifi. Connect up to 4 devices wirelessly and have a remote up and running in less than a minute with the X Air Mix available for all popular mobile and computer platforms (including Linux!).

Wired connectivity is easily configured too by using the built in LAN socket. This would be useful for when you're hardwiring the X Air XR18 into your studio.

Automatic Mixing Capability

A major first for compact audio mixers, Behringer have built in a feature called X Air Gain which can automate levels for up to 16 microphones. Based on the legendary Dan Dugan automix system, the XR18's gain sharing paradigm automatically controls the levels of any selected microphones in real time, without any gating artefacts or interference - say goodbye to feedback from open mic's at presentations or theatre production.

High end effects

The Behringer X Air XR18 Digital Mixer comes with a staggering amount of virtual effects racks for you to use including compressors, combinators, EQ, pitch shift, chorus, maximises, stereo enhancers, reverb, delay and much more.

With technology taken straight from Behringer's flagship X32, the X Air XR18 Digital Mixer will ensure you have incredible sound for every recording or performance, and all with wireless freedom.